Our Story

SAUBER specializes in products delivering effective and convenient hygiene management.
SAUBER means clean and clear. We strive to produce more effective and convenient products to
better meet the needs of our customers. At Sauber we have a firm commitment to the highest quality.

We specialize in the production of OEMs and ODMs, such as hand sanitizing products with
Quasi drung certification, lens cleaning products with living chemical products subject to
safety verification certification, dishwasher detergent, and all kinds of household cleaning products.

For years, many local and global customers have already verified and used our high quality products

with amazing success. As we grow and expand, Sauber will continue to work hard to develop and produce clean and convenient hygiene products driven by immense customer satisfaction.

Sauber's commitment to quality and innovation will continue to ensure our success
in global markets and drive further innovations in hygiene management.
Kang Min-gu, CEO of Sauber Sauber Inc.